The Special Care Baby Unit

We fund pioneering, life-saving equipment to help save the lives of sick and premature babies at Bristol’s Special Care Baby Unit at St Michael’s Hospital.

The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Bristol’s St Michael’s Hospital  is the only unit in the region offering the highest level of care and live saving surgery to the sickest and most premature babies. The Unit covers the largest geographic area in England, serving the populations of Bristol, Bath, the South West peninsula and South Wales.

We constantly raise funds to ensure that special care babies in Bristol have access to pioneering, life-saving equipment to support the excellent care provided by the clinical teams at the Unit.  We’ve funded equipment worth millions of pounds to date.  Please donate to help us to continue our work including:






As more and more babies born as early as 23 weeks survive, the Neonatal Unit is experiencing unprecedented demand for the pioneering care it provides so we desperately need your help to keep the unit at the forefront of neonatal care in the UK.  Please give a donation today to make a difference


Hannah Cole was 34 weeks pregnant when she began to worry that her baby wasn’t moving as much as normal. After ECG traces showed that something was seriously wrong, Tomas was delivered by emergency caesearan and transferred to St Michael's NICU, where the fight for his life truly began.

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George & Esme

Baby twins George and Esme Calloway spent their first six weeks of life in the special care baby unit at St Michael's Hospital, Bristol, after being born nine weeks early at less than 2lbs each.

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Elizabeth and Olivia Fowler

Andrea Fowler is a mum of 3 who knows only too well the importance of the Special Care Baby Unit, after her baby daughter Olivia was born without a connection between her heart and her lungs.

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