Thankful parents give back to Cots for Tots

When Julia was pregnant with Dolly, she had no idea of the traumatic birth that awaited her, nor the life threatening experience that her daughter would face. To thank the Special Care Baby Unit for saving her life, Dolly’s dad Kristen took on a half marathon with friends and raised thousands of pounds to support the purchase of a respiratory system which helps babies to breathe.

“During my labour, Dolly suffered a traumatic haemorrhage and went into cardiac arrest for 20 agonising minutes. After doctors resuscitated her, she was whisked away in a ventilator, accompanied by her daddy watching on helplessly. I realised then just how poorly she was; doctors fought to stabilise her after she went into cardiac arrest for a second time, and several transfusions, and a 72 hour pioneering cooling treatment followed.

“To be told that your child has a one in three chance of survival is absolutely devastating. Yet Dolly fought on. When she was four days old she opened her eyes for the first time and at six days old, I was able to hold her for the first time. We were discharged on day 12 reeling, ecstatic and terrified with so many unknowns. After just a few months it was very clear that Dolly had defied the odds and was going to be absolutely fine. She is bonny and hilarious and beautiful. One of the nurses said- she'll be trouble you know, all the children that survive NICU are strong willed. That much is definitely true.”

Thank you so much to Julia and Kristen for your incredible support. We are so proud to display your “Thank You” plaque in the unit. If you would like to help support the pioneering facilities at St. Michael’s Special Care Baby Unit, you can donate at or fundraise at