Asado supports Cots for Tots

Having a baby in the Special Care Baby Unit is an extremely worrying and stressful experience and Asado’s owner Lucien and his family know this only too well. When Lucien and Jacquie were exchanging contracts and entering the final stages of opening burger joint, Asado earlier this year, their new-born Mylo was being treated in in St Michael’s Hospital. After a difficult birth, Mylo became poorly and suffered an infection. His bruises developed into a cyst meaning that he had to stay in the unit for a further eight days after delivery. Luckily, thanks to the care given, Mylo was able to make a full recovery and eight months later, he is now a happy and healthy baby boy.

As a way to give back to the unit that cared for their son, Jacquie and Lucien have decided to extend their 10% NHS Asado discount out to all parents with babies in the Special Care Baby Unit and families staying in Cots for Tots House. Cots for Tots House provides free of charge home-from-home accommodation to support families who have to travel in to Bristol for the specialist care.

Jacquie says “when your baby is rushed to hospital the last thing you think about is where you’re going to stay that night – it’s just not something that crosses your mind. We were lucky to only live a few minutes away but not all families are in this position, with some finding themselves hundreds of miles away from their home.”

Lucien added, “During this difficult time, just the little things like preparing food, and going to the shops can be such a strain, especially for families who aren’t familiar with the area. That’s why we wanted to offer families a quick and tasty meal, just down the road from the unit. Over the next two months our customers will be able to add a donation onto their Asado bill for Cots for Tots. Honestly, we are just so thankful to be in a position to be able to give something back for the wonderful care that Mylo received.”

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