Cots for Tots House

Cots for Tots House is a home from home for families of sick and premature babies at Bristol’s Special Care Baby Unit at St Michael’s Hospital.

Our 12 bedroomed Family Accommodation, minutes from the special care baby unit, costs £360 a day to run and provides free accommodation 365 days per year for parents, brothers and sisters who need to stay close to their sick baby.

Anne Clements is our House Manager ably assisted by Housekeeper Faye Baker, who are onsite daily to ensure that the parents get the comfort and support as well as accommodation close to their sick baby.

We accept families in Cots for Tots House from all over Bristol, the South West, South Wales and further afield but we only accept referrals from the consultants and nursing staff on the Special Care Baby Unit.  If you need family accommodation, in the first instance, please speak to the care team on the unit.

Mum Laura Cole stayed in the House when her baby son Archie was being cared for in the Unit for nine days after a traumatic birth. She says:

“Cots for Tots House is absolutely wonderful. Because it was only across the road it meant I could just pop in, which made it easier when I was feeding Archie before he could come home. The accommodation is fantastic and I don’t know what I would have done if I could not stay here.”

And mum Mandy, who stayed at the House when her baby daughter Lia was in the Unit says:

"Being so far away from home with a baby in hospital is so difficult but Cots for Tots House became our home and the people there our family. We will never forget the support we had from the House staff and also all the parents we became good friends with and are still in touch with now."

Cots for Tots House is free for families, and is funded entirely by donations to the Cots for Tots Appeal. We can’t run it without your support – please help us continue to provide this accommodation and find out more about fundraising for us and donating to the Cots for Tots Appeal.


Neil and Jess stayed at Cots for Tots House when their son Ayrton, who was born prematurely with Necrotizing Enterocolitis, needed life-saving bowel surgery. 

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Baby Fentan arrived at just 23 weeks old in October 2014, surprising parents Katie and Kevin. In December he was transferred to Cardiff hospital, and received successful laser eye surgery and surgery on his bowel. However in January 2015 he was taken to St. Michael’s Special Care Baby Unit for an emergency operation on his bowel.

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Baby Kenzie was born 16 weeks early in September 2013, weighing less than two pounds. At only ten days old he developed a life-threatening intestinal condition, and underwent surgery to remove part of his large intestine. 

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