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    Baby Kenzie was born 16 weeks early in September 2013, weighing less than two pounds. At only ten days old he developed a life-threatening intestinal condition, and underwent surgery to remove part of his large intestine.


    Baby Fentan arrived at just 23 weeks old in October 2014, surprising parents Katie and Kevin. Following successful surgery in Cardiff, he was taken to St. Michael’s Special Care Baby Unit for an emergency operation on his bowel.


    Hannah Cole was 34 weeks pregnant when she began to worry that her baby wasn’t moving as much as normal. After ECG traces showed that something was seriously wrong, Tomas was delivered by emergency caesearan and transferred to St Michael's NICU, where the fight for his life truly began.

Fiona Cairns
There is nothing better than bringing friends and family together to enjoy homemade cake, fresh from the oven. Whether you're a beginner, baker or a real masterchef, I hope you enjoy my special BIG Bake recipes!

Pastry chef and royal baker, Fiona Cairns

Download Fiona's recipes - victoria sponge, ice-cream cones, giant smarties cookies and surprise fridge cake!