Wallace & Gromit's Big Bake

Take part in this year's BIG Bake on Friday 3rd November 2017!

  • Cobie's Story

    Cobie was born with a life-threatening condition which meant his lungs couldn’t work properly. Parents Tasha and Ryan stayed in our Cots for Tots House while he was treated, read on for Cobie’s story.

  • Harriet's Story

    Harriet was diagnosed with a congenital heart problem just after birth, and at 3 years old underwent open heart surgery in Bristol Children’s Hospital to correct the problem. Read on for Harriet’s story.

  • Henry's Story

    Born prematurely at just 24 weeks, Henry suffers from chronic lung disease and has been cared for in Bristol Children’s Hospital his entire life. Read on for Henry’s story.

Fiona Cairns
There is nothing better than bringing friends and family together to enjoy homemade cake, fresh from the oven. Whether you're a beginner, baker or a real masterchef, I hope you enjoy my special BIG Bake recipes!

Pastry chef and royal baker, Fiona Cairns

Download Fiona's recipes - victoria sponge, ice-cream cones, giant smarties cookies and surprise fridge cake!